Foundation Academy is organizing SUMMER CAMP! Let your child learn Art and Craft, Dramatics.

Summer Camp 2016 @ Foundation Academy The Tuition centre in DLF II

Summer Camp 2016 @ Foundation Academy The Tuition centre in DLF II

Is there a place somewhere, anywhere on earth where the ground is neutral, daily hum drum and nitty gritty is of a enormity, that the kids are happy, families comprising moms and dads, uncles and aunties, grandparents, cousins etc. along with our teachers/facilitators/mentors, meaning just about each and every one – is happy?

Yes, we have found that place. Surprised? It is right here. That place exists, right here @ Foundation Academy or at least it had turned into this little heaven between May 23rd and June 25th, our tiny paradise, that is when our summer camp happened. Summer camps have existed for some time now, and more recently they have sprung up like wild mushrooms in a thick forest. Almost everyone these days has some experience of summer camps. Not us. This was our first and it had to be different. So what was different? What worked? What didn’t? What were our learning’s?

As soon as the ideating began, our focus emerged, whatever it was, whatever we were going to do, had to be child centric, multidisciplinary, focussing on group activities and addressing a host of skills. This was investment in a hobby/interest with no paucity of time as opposed to routine. Whenever and wherever the opportunity presented itself, individual skills would be worked upon and honed. It had to be constructive and fun. No effort including expenses would be spared to give each child a wholesome experience worth remembering and sharing.

With this done, the what and how of it presented itself to us, and the following activities were shortlisted:
Activity Skills

Story telling –
 {Listen, understand, ponder, talk, imagine, ideate, write, ask, express, improve vocabulary, answer, respect} {game of virtues – Love, sensitivity, beauty}

Fireless Cooking – {Think, create, follow instructions, nutrition, taste, palate, flavours, eat, safety, health, hygiene, appreciate, discipline, patience}

Art and Craft – {Do, work with hands, colours, materials, textures, shapes, sizes, dimensions etc.}Theatre {Sing, dance, enhance confidence, act, get into someone else’s shoes, express, bodily movements, impromptu drama, role plays etc.}

Homework help –  {to free the parent and the child, have more time together at home}We had the mix and with great pride I observe that both our planning and execution have borne fruits, ripe and sweet.

What were our learning’s?– All children learn, but differently, at different times, at different paces and different places- They learn best with each other and from each other- It is totally possible to get them excited about learning and doing- Given the responsibility and trust, they can outshine anyone, even themselves- Allow them space, facilitate small and see them shine- All of us are life-long learners- We are a learning organisation

We are so happy with the outcome that we may repeat the feat not just in summers to come but in autumn and winters as well, time and space permitting.Work of the children was on display in and around the library at the Foundation’s premises, Admirable pieces. A book titled ‘Pitara’- a compilation of short stories by six of our young authors was created and presented to all the authors. Congratulations. Well done.Lastly, summer 2016 has left us richer, with lot more friends and sweet memories of a wonderful time spent together.

Contributed by:
Meera Aggarwal Guest Faculty @ Foundation Academy
Tuition Centre, DLF II
Phone : 1800 102 8222 | 9811066558

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