Foundation Academy is organizing SUMMER CAMP! Let your child learn Art and Craft, Dramatics.


FOUNDATION ACADEMY offers science classes for CBSE and ICSE students up to class XII. Our endeavour is to enhance the curiosity in children and kindle the fire of learning. Our classes are designed in a manner that we clear the basics concepts.

Our experienced faculty plus structured syllabus gives our students a distinct edge. Discipline plus clear explanation is our USP.

We believe that study of Science should raise the curiosity of a child. And we teach not only for securing good marks but also to embark the child on the path of curiosity and make Physics, Chemistry and Biology fun. Our motto is to give the students the environment where they feel free to experiment.

Our students are prepared in a manner that they find science an interesting as well as an easy subject. Students are provided with regular assessments, assignments and projects and their growth is charted. We also make it a point for our students to go beyond NCERT and focus on popular reference books.

FOUNDATION ACADEMY focuses its efforts on each and every student individually. It is not just the good students who have done extremely well, but even the average students have taken a leap over their regular scores through constant practice and due to the dedication of teachers.

Our teachers create a competitive environment which enables the students to excel in the subject while strengthening their basics and clearing their concepts.