Foundation Academy is organizing SUMMER CAMP! Let your child learn Art and Craft, Dramatics.

Secondary and Higher Secondary Classes

The Academy offers Tuition in all subjects for classes IX, X, XI & XII. This stage is of utmost importance as the students are being prepared to step out from a highly protected and sheltered environment of home and school to a complex and competitive place – the real world. The Academy has been able to provide a conducive environment where students learn and grow through healthy competition, repeated revisions, tests, assignments and assessments.

The Academy has a highly skilled and experienced team (teachers, facilitators, visiting faculty, staff and parent body) who give individualised attention to students with different learning abilities, addressing the weaknesses and enhancing the strengths.

Class X – XII students are prepared for their board examinations with regular practice of previous years experiences and question papers. Our motive is to embark a spark of confidence emerging from hard work which will help them prepare for competitive exams and their future.