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Story Telling and Book Creation Workshop – Day 2

Story Telling and Book Creation Workshop – Day 2

Day 2 saw ‘Sparsh’ join the foursome for a stimulating session. Soon after the introductions got over, the story of ‘Bremen Town Musicians’ came alive. The Q&A following the retelling of story by Jhanhvi in her own words was both lively and intensive. Children learned the animal sounds – especially of the animals that were part of the story.

The session got a little technical soon after where basics of the process of creating a story were discussed and understood. ‘What are picture stories?’ what are the different versions?? Etc were parts of the conversation followed by the exercise – ‘Create your own picture story’.

Of the three pictures on the table, children had to pick any one and create a story around it. A lot of new words came up and were shared in terms of meanings and spellings. These were captured on the white board for all to see, comprehend and learn. The subtle nuances of sharing and synergising were palpable.

Children read out their respective stories amidst sound applause and appreciation. Homework for the week was picked up viz. to create another story incorporating the technicalities learned. So, by end of two sessions children will be two stories strong – their books are beginning to take shape!

The session ended with children sharing their favourite moments from the day, becoming the ‘Bremen Musicians and attempting the song’ (Video is attached, enjoy!) and gobbling their chocolates. The next sessions will include a discussion on characters in a story and how to bring them to life. Adieu till then, keep listening keep telling – stories.

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