Foundation Academy is organizing SUMMER CAMP! Let your child learn Art and Craft, Dramatics.

Story Telling and Book Creation Workshop – Day 1

Story Telling and Book Creation Workshop – Day 1

The crazy foursome, ‘Parth and the Girls’ kick started day one of the workshop with short, sharp & crisp introductions, getting to know each other and forging friendships.

The children learned how to shake hands smartly (engaging the web of their hands), not dead fishes….make eye contact and smile warmly. Gifts arranged (by the Academy) to facilitate the workshop were picked up by ever so happy children.

The first story titled ‘Tikki Tikki Tembo’, a Chinese fable on why Chinese give short names to their children was followed by an intensive Q&A. Concepts of dimension, size and shape were an intrinsic yet subtle part of the discussion, with each child contributing their understanding by asking questions and enhancing the overall learning experience. Kimaya retold the story in her own words, a beautiful rendition in her sweet innocent voice. Everyone captured five words of their choice from the story and we ended up with twenty words for all.

The second story was a fractured fairy tale from ‘Arabian Nights’. Not your regular ‘Alladin and the Magic Lamp’ but the twisted, ‘The Backwards Genie’, with two main characters – ‘eineg ‘and ‘retsam’. The story had enough turns and twists to keep the children in splits. Here are two snippets of Parth’s retelling of the story in his own words. Parth is a master storyteller in the making; we would have never known that Alladin’s favourite food was parantha and paneer, had Parth not told us! Ten words were captured for this longish story.

Children were given a list of things needed for the workshop. The concept of journal and journal keeping was introduced.

The session ended with children sharing their favourite moments from the day and enjoying the chocolates. Looking forward to the next one already!