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French German Languages

Spoken English course Gurgaon

FOUNDATION ACADEMY offers spoken English classes for people of all age groups who want to polish their communication skills. Modernization has given a call for effective, influential personality which seems incomplete without proper Spoken English. We are all aware that English holds position of world language and is nowadays a mandatory language, no matter whether you are a student, housewife, corporate executive, manager or even a businessman. Without proper English, you may feel left out. Our Spoken English Classes are designed to suit individual needs.

French Languages coaching in Gurgaon

Foundation Academy is the best French language institute in Gurgaon. Without a second thought, French is one of the most popular languages in the world. French is the official language of the International Red Cross and also one of the two official languages at the Olympics. In fact it is one of the official language of the United Nations as well, and a major language in the worlds of travel, food, retail and technology.

German Languages coaching in Gurgaon

In an increasingly globalized world, a good knowledge of the German language gives students access to the language, culture, and marketplace of three leading European nations: Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Foundation Academy is the best German Institute in Gurgaon that not only teaches German but help you understand the German history, culture, life-style and traditions, which helps to improve the standard of your work and personal life.