Foundation Academy is organizing SUMMER CAMP! Let your child learn Art and Craft, Dramatics.

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Tuition in DLF Phase 2, Gurgaon

Welcome to the Foundation Academy, a place that perfectly marries the home and school. For all our stakeholders it is what we call SCHOME. Having said that and without sounding pompous, we would like to invite you to come and see for yourself, the premises, the ambiance and the humans behind the concept called Schome. SEE it in practice, see it being lived, feel the air and the vibes. Become a part of it. It is all YOURS... to embrace.

tuition in dlf phase 2 gurgaon






Foundation Academy provides the best Tuition in DLF Phase 2, Gurgaon located opposite Samrat Bakery near SAHARA MALL. Mission of Foundation Academy is to inspire learning to make it an engaging and result oriented experience.

Our objective is to develop an all round personality of the students while pursuing academic success. To achieve this objective, The Foundation Academy ensures a very special focus on each and every child in a safe, secure and clean environment that helps the child transcend smoothly through adolescence in to adulthood.

The Foundation Academy focuses its efforts on school going students from Class I to XII to provide a solid foundation and to prepare the children for future competitive examination scenario. The Foundation Academy realizes that competitive exam oriented coaching can be much more effective if children are equipped with strong basics in their subjects. Enhancing this academic strength along with personality development during the critical adolescent age prepares the child to face future competitive world with confidence.

Core values of Foundation Academy are transparency, safety and focus on each and every individual student. Infrastructure provided at our centre and the processes deployed manifest our core values and help in marching towards our mission.

The Academy reflects the vision of its founders who themselves are alumni of the institutes of high standing viz. IIT Delhi, IIM Bangalore, BITS Pilani, University of California Los Angeles.


Satish Khurana


IIT-Delhi, IIM Banglore.

Sanjay Khurana


BITS Pilani, MBA from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)